Bottling with the All in One Wine Pump Review

Fill it.. Fill it good..
As you know I started using the All in One Wine Pump for racking operations. This morning I finally got around to using it for bottling my Frontenac wine from my home vineyard. All I can say is YIPPY!!!

Let's Bottle!
      First off, set up was easy as is typical with the All in One Wine Pump. You just sanitize the tubing, and wine bottles, place your carboys of wine below the filling station, plug in the unit and you're ready to go!

       To fill the bottles,  place the bottle filling assembly into the bottle, this will start the flow of wine into the bottle. When the wine reaches the filler-tube, or the very top of the bottle, immediately activate the vacuum release valve. Wait 1-3 seconds to allow excess wine to be sucked out of the bottle, and Voila! Move from bottle to bottle filling them in no time at all. This really is the easiest ways to bottle wine at home!

Those Fill Levels Though!
      Once your bottle is full, you activate the vacuum release and excess wine is sucked back into the carboy by gravity. This is due to the carboy being lower than the filling table. The filler tube is the perfect length to give perfect fill-levels time after time, no matter the bottle size! This is great compared to my two-spout gravity filler, which stops when the bottle is full, but fill-levels are irregular and the bottling line is held up when trying to adjust the fill-level. 

So.. So Easy!
      The All in One Wine Pump is so easy to bottle with, I Had my 5 year old boy bottle a few. He followed the instructions I gave him and got perfect fill levels each time. He'll be taking over full bottling operations next year! (ha)

I'm Pumped, Baby!
      So this morning I had a bunch of fun bottling with this cool little unit. Tomorrow I get to do it again as the red wine bottling weekend continues!

"Good Times, Bad Times you Know I've Had my Share!"
Good times are to be had with the All in One Wine Pump (No bad times.) I highly recommend you head to their website and see more of the great reviews and get yourself one as well. You will not be disappointed! Head to the All in One Wine Pump Website Here. 

A Trick or two and some advice
  • Get the precision vacuum adjustment valve- This allows you to adjust the fill-speed which reduces foaming and gives you accurate fill-levels.
  • When the wine is approaching the neck of the bottle, slightly depress the vacuum release valve. This slows the flow and reduces foaming. This is helpful in knowing when to stop the filling process
  • Place your bottles in a crate to make it easier to move from bottle to bottle (recommended by All in One)
  • When using green bottles, place a light behind them while filling to be able to see when to stop the flow. (recommended by All in One)
Here's a video showing just how easy it is:

Thanks to Steve Helsper for walking me through the set up process over the phone. This guy is one phone call away from helping you with anything you need with the All in One Wine Pump.

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