I usually make around 100 gallons of wine yearly. This is a mix of grape and fruit wines that i grow on my property or obtain locally. I rarely have to buy fruit to make wine with. Currently i have 60 vines in my micro-vineyard such as:

-Leon Millot
-Corot Noir
-Petite Pearl
- raspberries and blueberries..
The winery is equipped with the ability to test for Free SO2, Acid levels (T.A.) sugar levels, pH and paper chromatography test for determining the end of malolactic fermentation. All important parameters to test for in wine making.
2015 Vintages. The first time I broke the
 100 gallon mark
 The Wine lab- I love the Vinmetrica units. I get accurate results in a timely manner. I highly recommend these tools to help you in making better wine. 

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