The All in One Wine Pump

      I finally bit the bullet and decided to get the All in One Wine Pump. This Nifty little unit was created by Steve Helsper, who was sick and tired of racking his wine with a little siphon hose, followed by having to pick the heavy carboy (40lbs) up of the floor to place safely back on his work bench.

     When designing his dream pump, Steve decided to go with a vacuum pump, which is a very diverse piece of equipment in the home winery. This pump is oil-free-meaning there are no oily fumes polluting your winery while you use it for extended periods of time. To be honest, I already had a vacuum pump (a unit that requires oil to operate.) But the good thing about the All in One Wine Pump is all the accessories that come with it, not to mention the customer support to help you in case you run into problems. The All in One Wine Pump can rack wine into glass carboys that are sitting side by side and even to a vessel that is on an elevated surface! You can also bottle with it, and with a little practice (just a little) you can get perfect fill-levels every time, no matter the size of the bottle. What else can you do with this pump? Well, you can also degass with it, which is great for those early drinking wine kits or the impatient. And finally you can buy a separate filter from (recommenced by Steve Helsper) and filter your wine while you rack it.

      Another thing about the All in One Wine Pump is the fact that you can now finally rack into plastic (PET) carboys with a vacuum pump! That's right folks! Now all of you PET carboy peeps out there can finally vacuum transfer your wine like the glass-guys. Exciting right!?!

It Finally Came!
     The package came and could already see it was well packaged and a fragile sticker graced the top of the box telling those mail carriers to just chill out when carrying this! Opening the box I was impressed of how well it was packaged. I would like to think when you order this unit, it will arrive safely to your door every time. No one wants to deal with having to send it back.

All of the accessories looked well built and just using them the few times I have so far, I can already tell these pieces will be around in my winery for a long time.

Test.. Testing...
     I decided to experiment with water first. Any time you get new equipment, this is an important first step. Once you get the hang of the new equipment you can move onto wine. Setting up the All in One Wine Pump was easy. You take an empty clear wine bottle and put it in the unit as described in the manual and connect the vacuum pump to the wine bottle. The wine bottle acts as your overflow container in the event wine gets sucked back into the vacuum tubing. other than that you match blue to blue and red to red and set it up according to the instructions. Racking with it was quick and easy and I didn't have to lift the carboy off the floor afterward!

     In conclusion (so far,) the All in One Wine Pump is a slick little unit that will become a integral part of my home winemaking operations. From racking and bottling to filtration and the occasional degassing, wine making has never been easier! Stay tuned for future posts as I use this more around the winery.

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