Counter Pressure Bottle Filler Review

If you plan to keg, carbonate and eventually bottle your sparkling wine, you will need a counter pressure bottle filler. The bottle filler I chose to buy was the all stainless steel build from Most other bottle fillers I have found are made up of brass which is fine for beer, but not wine. Essentially this is the only way to get highly carbonated beverages into the bottle. This particular bottle filler works very well, and is built with care. If you have read my previous post "The Counter Pressure Bottle Filler.. A Bloody Mess Ensues," you'll see that my first go with it was rough. (and squirty.. so squirty..) But after a little practice, I learned to love this thing and now I Look forward to using it!

It comes with easy to understand instructions, but I highly recommend carbonating water and practicing with it before using it with a wine you love.No instructions can prepare you for learning to use this thing. But once you get the hang of it, it is simple to use and set-up becomes second nature.

I like this bottle filler from Morewine, no issues so far and my sparkling wines hold their carbonation for the long haul. If you need to bottle a sparkling wine, look no further than the Morewine counter pressure bottle filler.

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